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Save Tigers

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Saving the tiger means saving mankind..

A hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today there are as few as 3,200.
Why are tigers disappearing?

Iliegal TradePoaching to feed consumer demand for tiger body parts, mostly for use in traditional Asian medicines and folk remedies.

Deforestation - as more and more forests are cleared for paper and palm oil, tiger habitat disappears daily.

India is the land of for about 60% of the world's tiger population. For many people, the image of the tiger – orange-and-black stripes flashing as it prowls with power and stealth through dense jungle forests – is the symbol of India. The same Tiger is now fighting now for its existance as we get moved by the billboards that bear a photo of this magnificent creature against a black background and the words: "Only 1,411 left."

The Key is in Saving the Tiger habitat

The tiger is the iconic symbol of India.
The alarm bell is ringing & we need to act before it's too late. The WWF's launched TX2 campaign with the hope to double the wild tiger population by the next Year of the Tiger in 2022.
Save Tiger, Corbett National ParkSo grave is the crisis facing the Indian tiger that the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the compaign as a spokesman for WWF. DiCaprio made headlines around the world when he arrived at the World Tiger Summit in Russia in November 2010 and donated $1 million to the cause. He would be visiting India often for the WWF Save Tigers Now campaign. The actor hopes to help raise more than $20 million to double the worldwide tiger population by 2022.

But it's more than just tigers these organizations are trying to Save — it's also about habitat. The National Tiger Conservation Authority of India (formerly known as Project Tiger) has done a lot to protect tiger habitat in India, and to try halt the many forces edging the tiger closer to extinction, such as poaching.

National Tiger Conservation Authority of India (formerly known as Project Tiger) was founded in 1973 with a mandate to create nine tiger reserves in India. The NTCA is now custodian of 27 tiger reserves in India. However, in spite of their efforts, the tiger population in India has dropped by about 60% on the last decade.

It was way back in 1930's, the world's first tiger conservationist, tiger hunter-turned-protector Jim Corbett was amongst the first one to raise the alarm bell. It is on his name that the finest tiger reserve of Indian has been names as Corbett National Park.

However it's an irony today that even when the greater numbers of people than ever are flocking to see tigers, the tiger population is declining. In a desperate bid to halt the extinction of the nation's iconic symbol and national animal, the government of India has announced it will restrict tiger tourism in India.

Is this the right approach ?? If people stop traveling to tiger country, appreciation for this animal, and awareness of the crisis, may dwindle. Save Tigers Now actually encourages people to visit tiger reserves: "Income from tourism at tiger reserves can be critical to building support among local communities for tiger protection".

There is never a guarantee that travelers will see a tiger in the wild, but among the best places to try are India and Nepal's tiger reserves and national parks.

What we can do to save Tiger :

Dishearten Poaching - Don't buy anything belongs to tigers body part and if you know anybody involve in this crime please inform the police because selling tiger bones ,skin and other body parts is the biggest reason why Indian tigers are going extinct .

Save Environment - Tigers need forest to live because he eat deer and other herbivorous which depends on grass , plants and plant need water means it all make a chain and in chain every link is important . In simple words tiger are the best indicator of ecosystem's balance.

Share And Give Education About Tiger- Share your knowledge about tiger and discus how we can save tiger? Because discussion open new ways.

Support The Program Running To Save Indian Tiger- If you know about any program running to save tiger take part on it and promote it.

Plan A Trip Of Tiger Reserve- Plan a trip of tiger reserve. Jim Corbett National Park must be the best one. It can help you understand more about tiger and it will raise love for them in your heart means more chance to survive tigers.

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